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This is the Botanical Garden of Salento, one of the two University's Botanical Gardens. It is managed by a dedicated Foundation carrying out of cultural, social, educational, study, research and educational activities in the field of environmental conservation and defense of plant biodiversity.


The Foundation is active, directly or indirectly, also in collaboration with other bodies, in training and orientation initiatives for the protection of the environment and the conservation of biodiversity with specific attention to the countries of the Mediterranean regions.


The Foundation supports studies and research and contributes to their creation, publication and dissemination.

It also promotes conferences and workshops on problems concerning plant biodiversity, the environment and landscape.


The catalog of educational activities is online.

For reservations, please use the appropriate form, to be submitted our email


Please refer to the calendar below.

Alcuni progetti


Realizzazione del Giardino sensoriale "Helen Keller"

Lions Clubs Lecce, Fondazione Lions Clubs International (LCIF), Multidistretto 108 Italy

A partire dal 2020 la Fondazione ha realizzato, attraverso un complesso di finanziamenti garantiti dai Lions Clubs, attraverso le sue articolazioni locali, nazionali e internazionali, un giardino sensoriale pensato soprattutto per i non vedenti....

Online i dati meteo direttamente dall'Orto Botanico
Screen Shot 03-21-21 at 11.49 AM.PNG
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